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Terms & Conditions

These general conditions of sale constitute a single contractual document and contain all the contractual relationships between the parties.


Our Site is established to enable you to chose and purchase products or services from our Site that we offer for sale online.
The user should choose the language you want to have online access among those offered. Books are only in English.


All content offered on this website are in English.

We offer 3 types of products:

A.- Acceso online para la realización de test de autoescuela por un tiempo limitado a 90 días, comenzando este plazo el mismo día de la inscripción.

B.- Todo lo descrito en el punto A más un libro teórico resumido y envío por paquetería urgente MRW en 24/48 horas.

C.- Todo lo descrito en el punto A más un paquete de libros, compuesto por el manual teórico completo, un libro con 15 de los test mas nuevos, diferentes a los ofrecidos online, hojas de test para practicar y envío por paquetería urgente MRW en 24/48 horas.


In case of force majeure we are no longer obliged to meet our obligations. In that case we can either postpone our obligation for the duration of the force majeure or annul the contract.
Force majeure contains all circumstances that happen beyond our intention and control that completely or partially prevent us to fulfill our obligations. This includes: strike actions, fire, interruption of operations, energy failures, failures in (telecommunication) networks or connections or used communication systems and/or when our website is offline, the late or non-delivery of a subcontractor or other appointed third parties, ...


Prices of products include applicable taxes (VAT 21%).
ENGLISH DRIVING SCHOOL reserves the right to modify the prices on the Website at any time. All products shall be billed at the current price shown on the Website when placing the order.

Payment by Credit Card

If you choose to pay by credit card, this data will be introduced and communicated using a secure website of the bank that manages the payment (REDSYS of Banco Popular) and guaranteeing greater security and confidentiality because the data is encrypted and inaccessible to third parties.
In ENGLISH DRIVING SCHOOL can use all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc ...). At the end of the buying process you are prompted for three pieces of information, card number, expiration date and identification number. The ID number is a three-digit code printed on the back of the card. This number appears in italics at the top of the signature panel.

In ENGLISH DRIVING SCHOOL work with the Electronic Commerce Security (CES), a system that ensures internet transactions, ie the client is identified as the legitimate holder of the card you are using to avoid fraudulent use.
Accordingly, during the purchase process, you submit a page to enter an authentication key (usually an easy to remember personal information, date of birth, your child`s name etc ...) Thus, when the payment is processed , you can ensure that the card user is the legitimate holder.
To use this secure payment system, previously it is necessary to register in your bank. If you have not received a personal password used exclusively for online payments, we recommend that you check with your bank.


PayPal is a service for online payments, using cards, credit or debit card, or bank transfer. Is a safe, quick and easy method. Thus, ENGLISH DRIVING SCHOOL not have access at any time to the details of your credit card or bank account.
Get more information on the PayPal payment system addressing directly at web:
Once the payment process is completed and validated, you will receive an email confirmation of your order. This order confirmation is not valid as invoice, the invoice will receive with the goods.


After the purchase, the customer has a right to cancel the order within 7 days from the purchase date, if the buyer has not made more than 25% of the tests.
if the customer has made more than 25% of the tests, the customer may not request any refund.


For any problem in the registration through the Virtual Store, the customer must contact ENGLISH DRIVING SCHOOL at the email [email protected]


The User is informed that, in order to agree to the contract or to the use of the products and/or services that are offered on this Website, the User must have prior knowledge of and, where appropriate, accept the General Conditions of Use and Contract which are accessible at all times from this Website and which may be printed and stored by the user.


These Terms and Conditions abide by current Spanish law. Any controversy or claim arising between the parties (either ENGLISH DRIVING SCHOOL or the User and/or Customer) shall be settled at the Courts and Tribunals of Cádiz, Spain.